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Coyote Flats Charolais is a family run operation that runs 250 purebred Charolais cows in two calving groups, consisting of January- early March and Mid April - June. The first group provides us with bulls that sell as yearlings in our annual bull sale. The second group provides us with bulls that we sell as two-year old bulls in the same annual sale.

"win-win" program

"Every bull sold comes with a bid on your calves in the fall"

You win

  • Excellent sale price: We pay top dollar for calves that enter our feedlot. We can also offer to contract your calves during the summer months.
  • Less stress: On the day you wean your calves you already know your price and don't have to worry about what price you are going to get or what the weather is going to do. No worries about calves getting cut out because of a minor problem or off color. We are also flexible on delivery times and dates.
  • Less shrink: We have a government inspected scale. The calves are weighed on the truck and the shrink is determined on a sliding scale based on distance from our feedlot.
  • No sales commission: All that you pay for is the brand inspection and the trucking to get your calves to our feedlot.
  • Pride: You can come back anytime to the Feedlot and have a look at how your calves are doing.

We win

  • Healthier calves: Calves are less stressed, therefore, they stay healthier.
  • Performance: We get large groups of calves that the packers are looking for and we know they will perform and yield among the best in the industry.
  • Management: We are able to track the performance of our different bloodlines from weaning to slaughter. We are also able to help you with vaccination decisions so we can vaccinate the calves in the same way when they arrive at our feedlot.
  • Feedback: We are able to give you feedback on performance and health of your calves.


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Coyote Flats Charolais Ltd.

190043 Township Road 104, Lethbridge County, Alberta, Canada

403-634-2989- Mark 403-795-1343- Christopher(Herdsman)